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Are you a CA or PA who was recently retrenched or maybe just looking for a change in lifestyle now that the massive new ‘video conferencing’ opportunities that have suddenly appeared for consultants is a reality?

Have a brief read through our story as we may have an opportunity for you that ticks those boxes!

Part Time FD was founded in 2011 by Murray Barnetson who realised that every business needs some FD oversight, but most businesses cannot afford and don’t need a full time FD.

Starting with a handful of friends as clients, he slowly built up to capacity, which in most businesses is a great thing. However, FD employees are expensive resources, so without significant backing it is very difficult to service your clients, attend to all the marketing and admin and then take a significant cut in pay whilst your new employee finds enough business to justify his existence. In other words, it’s a particularly difficult business to scale and most accountants hate marketing and worse, selling so cannot get out of that cycle.

Also, a part time FD carries his clients burden full time, 24/7. At capacity the stress and pressure can be severe and resulted in Murray suffering severe burnout.

Fortunately, Part Time FD had merged with Willem Haarhoff International in late 2016 and as Murray’s health deteriorated, it became clear that a new business model had to be developed.

Murray and Willem knew scale was key and to do that they had to turn the business model upside down and focus on bookkeeping, accounting, tax and other back office services. However, competition is stiff in this market, so back to the drawing board they went.

They were already using the brilliant online accounting platform, Xero and started mind-mapping around that. Xero is online, very easy to use, fast and beautiful. Murray had always said that most accountants addressed their clients from their side of the table which limits the accountants ability to grasp how the clients nuts and bolts work and so they decided to address the clients from the clients side of the table.

They chucked traditional accounting out of the window and created a brand, DoughGetters Accounting, which is a play on words about blending the finest ingredients with the best bakers to achieve a unique result that their clients understood. Murray admitted he didn’t tell people about the new company for many weeks because it went so far against what he knew. For him, a massive risk. For Willem, much excitement!

Soon after DoughGetters was founded, they were approached about providing a franchise business, something they had not considered previously. Franchises were investigated and after many months of hard work, DoughGetters was finally and formally registered with the Franchise Association of South Africa in 2019.

DoughGetters has no offices, has no working hours and the directors have not met some of the employees, franchisees and business partners in person, who are scattered all over South Africa and further afield, yet they are growing and getting phenomenal results with their clients. A stroke of luck or perhaps DoughGetters uncanny ability to see the future, their business model could not have been better planned for what is happening now, some of which is likely to stay in the future.

A franchise with DoughGetters Accounting could change your life. All the hard graft has been done which provides a platform for franchisees to hit the road running, literally on day one. DoughGetters unique internal networking approach ensures staff backup, support, knowledge bases and marketing. You do what you do best and we look after the nitty gritty.




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