Working from home – the key to increased productivity

Yes, we know that the concept of working from home is a controversial one for many employers out there. But times are changing, and people are finding ways to be as productive as possible. After some research, it seems that working from home may do just that for many companies out there.

Let’s take a look at some benefits of working remotely:

Your work space can be anywhere… and we mean EVERYWHERE

Your office is not limited to your dining room, you can use any spot in the house that you deem fit for your mood. You can work on short trips away or your local coffee shop -whatever makes you feel comfortable. Feeling a sense of comfort in your work space is important for productivity, and what could be more comfortable that your own home.

According to Nicholas Bloom (Stanford Professor of economics), an open plan office is not always the right way to go. After a two year study on a company in Singapore, it was revealed that employees who worked from home had a really big increase in productivity. This was mostly due to less distractions and ah-hoc conversations that happen daily in an office space. Check out Blooms Ted talk for more on this study.

You’ll save money

Yes, I’m talking to you employees and employers. Commuting to work can sometimes cost a person a huge chunk out of their salary and cutting that out can be a major benefit. According to Global Workplace Analytics, their study showed that 37% of technology professionals would take 10% cut back in there pay if they could work from home. So, not only are your employees happier to have some extra cash in their back pocket, so are you.

Your flexibility will equal better productivity

It is becoming more apparent that a flexible schedule can really help your employees be more productive with their time. If you do not need to work specific hours, you can use your time however suits you best when working from home. This just means, that you can still put in your eight hours, but without the designated start and end time. This works particularly well with developers, coders, writers and researchers, as they often can sit for hours at a time and will not be restricted to daylight hours (we’re looking at you night owls).

Global Workplace Analytics, have found that over two-thirds of employers report increased productivity among their telecommuters, and that their employees are 35-40% more productive than before they started working from home. According to a recent study by Gallup, employees who spend three to four days working remotely, are more likely to feel more engaged while working.

Your health may improve

Not only will you have less employees taking sick day, but they are more likely to work from home even when they do have a bit of flu. Stress is taking over people’s lives, and by the time they even get in to the office, they are all wound up by the traffic and commute. According to, work stress is one of the major contributors to health problems, such as heart disease and depression. If working from home can help reduce this, why not give it a try?

Most industries may be willing to embrace this a bit faster than the finance, insurance and real estate industries. But, with most of our work living in cloud based solutions, working from home has become even easier than before. Xero is the perfect at home tool for all financial managers and business owners. You can do all your bookkeeping and accounting from anywhere, at any time and from any device – provided you have an internet connection. With real time data, easy access and a really great mobile app, Xero makes it really easy to control your finances from home or across the globe.

It seems that working from home may be the solution for some companies as a way to increase productivity, save money and ensure happier, more engaged employees. We realise that this may not be the case for all, but why not give it a try in your work place and see how if it can add value to your business as a whole?

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